Fun & Games Night

Fun & Games Night

Oak Grove Public Library
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Come join us for playing board games, coloring, crochet and bring the whole family!!

Much fun and supplies will be available including:
Coloring for adults & littles
Crochet for the Curious 6:30-7:30pm
Our fine selection of popular board games
XBox 360 video games
Or bring something fun to share & play!

Bring a yummy to share at our snack table and you'll make plenty of new friends! Families, friends, singletons, grandparents, everyone is welcome! Sometimes we like to discuss dishes we're going to bring under the event discussion tab. Share your thoughts with us.

Tell your friends!

If you'd like to bring your art or game supplies to express yourself, feel free to bring your digital devices, art project, board games, musical instruments or any other materials

Our kids room will be open for coloring fun and revelries, too!

*Food and project setup starts around 5:10pm
*Festivities start at 5:30pm
*Circulation desk shuts down at 5:55pm
*Our XBox360, kids tablets, kids room computer and library laptop are all available to play games on after 6pm
*Activities continue until around 8:00pm when we all finish our games and projects, tidy up and head home.

Coming to our monthly community night in your casual/comfy loungewear or footy PJs is totally cool with us